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As of April 2014, Roppongi has around 86 official Amazon reviews internationally.

71 are 5-Star Reviews
10 are 4-Star Reviews
2 are 3-Star Reviews
3 are 1-Star Reviews

This means that more than 2 years after publication, Roppongi is averaging 4.8 Stars!
Similar accolades have been received at the Goodreads website, where after about 95 ratings Roppongi is averaging about 4.6 Stars.

To be clear, there are very few books on Amazon, which, once having collected over 50 reviews, maintain greater than even a 4-Star average, let alone average anywhere near 4.8 Stars. Roppongi, so far, is breathing very rarefied air indeed!

Roppongi also won an honourable mention (General Fiction) in the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival Awards.

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to all those Roppongi readers who have already submitted their Amazon review, and I would additionally encourage all those who have not yet posted a review, to please do so as soon as possible. Adding your review is one very significant way you can help promote a book you believe in!

Apart from the above, what have the critics had to say so far?

"Roppongi, Tokyo. In a shadowy but glamorous world designed for maximum hedonism, things and people are not always what they seem. 'Roppongi'  may yet prove to be a cult adventure-travel novel on a par with Alex Garland's 'The Beach' or Gregory David Roberts's 'Shantaram."
Fresh Underground Culture Magazine

"The state of 'reality' can always be questioned. Zack, the protagonist in this tale of debauchery, starts blind to the concept of excess, but it can quickly become all too real. 'Roppongi' is an enticing novel that should prove hard to put down."
Mary Cowper - Midwest Book Review

"Written by a seasoned industry insider, 'Roppongi' punches through the impossibly glamorous surface of Tokyo's 'High Touch Town' and plunges the reader deep into its seedy underbelly ... showing us a disturbing side of Japan not often written about in the English language."
Fredrik Hjelm - 2002 US Champion - Muay Thai K1

"For those who have experienced it, especially during the heyday, Roppongi is difficult to put into words. And as Zack says at one point, when he is playfully allowed to look directly at the camera, "Someone should write a book about this." We can thank Nick Vasey for doing just that."
Tom Boatman - The Tokyo Reporter

"An atmospheric, but rambling novel about crime, sex and drugs in the notorious Roppongi section of Tokyo ... this novel ... owes much to the spirit of Kerouac and Burroughs."
Ken Salikof - IndieReader