Film Rights - Roppongi the Movie!

In the right hands, I think Roppongi will make a marvellous film. I would love to see it happen.
To my knowledge it is the first English-language novel which deals in any depth with Roppongi's subject matter: a cultural melting pot of opportunistic foreigners chasing a fast buck in the often dangerous 'mizu-shobai' (water-trade). Cinematically speaking, the specific themes and environmental context of the characters and events which take place in Roppongi have not been touched on before in any film I am aware of.
Accordingly, I welcome correspondence with anyone who might be able to assist with getting this process underway, or from movers and shakers in the film industry who can make it happen.
click here to email me about the film rights to Roppongi.
In the meantime, let me know what you think!

Is there any particular director you think should be put in charge of this project?

Who would you like to see play Zack? Carla? Mako? Max? Sofia? Hans?

I would love to get readers' feedback on any and all things related to the idea of Roppongi the Movie!