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Roppongi - Promotion & Marketing - Please Help!

Launching a book into the world is almost as difficult, time-consuming and energy-sapping as writing it (let alone editing it)!
But the good news is that with the power of the internet, some things become easier and more effective (especially with a little help from your friends!).
Because I have chosen to market the book solely through Amazon (in both book and kindle format) I have listed the ways in which you can help me on Amazon first, but below that are examples of 25 other things you can do to help me push Roppongi into the world with maximum force! Read through the list below, and be very sure that I will appreciate ANY and ALL help you give. Feel free to let me know how you are promoting the Roppongi cause by clicking here to send me an email. If you have any queries at all, likewise, let me know! :)

Help out on Amazon is the big kahuna of book sellers, especially when it comes to ebooks, so helping an author get found on there can give them a big boost. You can certainly do these things on other bookstore sites as well (nothing against copying and pasting a review, for example), but Amazon tends to have more cool features to help an author get found.

Here's the list (any one of these things can help):
Rate the book highly & Write a review on Amazon, even if the book already has quite a few and/or you've reviewed it elsewhere. There's evidence that ratings and reviews factor into the Amazon algorithms that decide which books are promoted on the site (i.e. certain books are recommended to customers who bought books in similar genres). If reviewing isn't your bag, don't worry about writing paragraphs-long in-depth studies of the book; maybe you could just pen a few sentences with a couple of specifics about why you liked the book.
Tag the book with genre-appropriate labels (in this case, Tokyo, Yakuza, Travel, Fiction, Adventure, Underworld, Crime, Drugs, etc). You don't have to leave a review to do this; you just need an account at Amazon. A combination of the right tags and a good sales ranking can make a book come up when customers search for that type of story on Amazon.
Give the book a thumbs up. This takes less than a second and probably doesn't do much, but it may play into Amazon's algorithms to a lesser extent than reviews/ratings.
Make a Listmania List and add your favorite authors' books to it. This creates another avenue for new readers to find books. It's better to create lists around similar types of books (i.e. genres or sub-genres) than to do a smorgasbord, and consider titling it with something descriptive so folks will be more inclined to check it out, ie. "My Favourite Adventure Travel Fiction Novels."
If you have a Kindle, highlight and share some wise or fun quotations from the book. If enough people share their highlights, they'll show up at the bottom of a book's page.

25 Other Things You Can Do To Help
1. Buy the book. Encourage your friends to buy the book. Go to your local library or bookstore and encourage them to buy the book. Buy books as gifts.
2. Don't put off buying the book. Don't wait for the holidays to buy the book as a gift. First, the sooner you buy, the more confidence you'll inspire in your friend. Second, media and other decision makers pick up on a book based on the momentum the book inspires. The more sales at the beginning of the book's life, the more attention it will get from key decision makers, the media, and consumers.
3. Where should you buy the book? Click here to buy the book.
4. Recommend the book. If you like the book, recommend it to friends. Blog about it. Tweet a review or mention. Share a note on Facebook. Recommend the book to your book group. Review the book on,, GoodReads, Library Thing, and other reader social networks.
5. Tell the author what you like about the book. Provide the author with support by telling him something you like about his book. Was it a good read? Did it move you to tears or laughter? Did you learn something new?
6. Help the author get speaking engagements. If the author is comfortable speaking (he is!) - then hook them up with book-promotional speaking opportunites if possible.
7. Recommend the author's website. Link to it from your website, blog, Facebook page, etc. Tweet about it. When he writes a blog post, link to it. If he tweets something great, retweet it. Feature a quote from the book on your website. Or tweet the quote.
8. Help the author with the media. If you know of any newspaper editors or reporters, magazine editors, radio producers or hosts, TV show hosts or producers, columnists, bloggers, etc., send them a copy of the book or a note about the author. Or tell the author about your connection, and introduce them to your contacts.
9. Ask. Ask the author how you can help. You may have some talent, connection, specialized knowledge, etc. that might be just the thing they need. Or they might just need some of your time to help pack and ship some books or make a few phone calls.
10. Do a video review of the book and post it on YouTube and other video sharing websites.
11. Help them sell rights. If the novel would make a great movie and you have a connection to an A-list actor or producer who might be interested in making the movie, introduce the author to your connection. The same with TV producers, audio publishers, agents, etc.
12. Be a mentor. Provide feedback on the author's marketing ideas, book proposals, news releases, book covers, etc. Share your experience, if you have any, on marketing, writing, publishing, printing, design, etc.
13. Form a mastermind group. Create a group of five or so knowledgeable people who can help your friend with the writing, publishing, or marketing of his or her book. You can meet regularly (at least once a month) live, via phone calls, or via online webinars.
14. Write a testimonial. Or write an introduction to the book. Blurb it (give a great selling quote that can go on the back cover of the book).
15. Social network for your friend. Tweet about the book. Retweet the author's tweets. Engage in a conversation with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Write comments on the author's blog . Interaction and activity increase any person's visibility on the Internet and the search engines.
16. Champion the book. ... in any way you can think of.
17. 'Seed' the book. If you can afford to buy a few extra copies, start leaving them around town. Leave a copy on the bus. Donate a copy to the library. Leave a copy in a waiting room. Every additional book out in the world helps to generate exposure for your friend's book while also increasing the word-of-mouth about the book.
18. Host the author. If the author wants to do a book tour and you live in a city he wants to visit, offer to put him up at your home. Drive him around town to his media appearances and book events. Pick him up at the airport. Take him back afterwards. Do whatever you can to make their book tour in your town the best ever. You can, of course, also help to set up a tour in your town, with media interviews and author events.
19. Recommend the book to your reading group. If you belong to a reading group, suggest the book as part of your reading program. Or at least tell your reading group about the book.
20. Reciprocal web-links. Set up links from your websites to the book or author website. Better yet, create a special page recommending the book and then link to his or her website.
21. Interview the author. If you host an Internet radio show, podcast, or teleseminar series, interview the author.
22. Add their blog to your blogroll. If you write a blog, add the author's blog to your blogroll. It's a simple thing to do, but another link is added notice to the search engines that the writer's blog is important.
23. Blog about the author and/or their book. Post an article about the book, a review of the book, etc.
24. Interview your friend on your blog. An author interview is one of the best ways to introduce a new book author to a wider audience - even if your blog has a small audience. Every added audience provides impetus to growing awareness of the author's website, book, and brand.
25. Share their book in the literary social media such as Goodreads, Shelfari, and LibraryThing.