Roppongi the Novel
Book Launch Party
 Mogambo's 20th Anniversary Party 
11th February, 2012
Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan.
(photos below!)

27th February 2012

Well, the 'Roppongi' Book Launch  and Mogambo's 20th Anniversary has come and gone, and a grand Tokyo adventure was had by all I think. Certainly it was had by me! The Roppongi landscape has changed considerably from when I worked my first shifts there seventeen years ago. It is now quite a different place, and I am glad I had the opportunity to experience those changes first-hand. The twelve days I spent in Tokyo were a surprising blend of madness, sadness, nostalgia, fun, snow! reunions, story-telling and party antics by old faces as well as new.

But I am now  safe and sound back on my mountaintop in Ecuador, after many thousands of miles travelled, much fabulous food eaten, many shots quaffed, many hours of sleep lost, and many people met and re-met! What a three weeks it was! Special thanks and congratulations must go out to Nigel Hogge, Stewart Bailey, Fay Ledwith, Pal Juvancz, Matt Flannery, Cara Flannery, Liam Collins, Malcolm Collier, Sohan Ahluwalia, Kingsley Kobayashi, Srdjan Ninkovic, the Soanes family, Emanuel Hayashi, Bole, Celso and all the guys at The White Room, as well as the Mogambo and Geronimo crews for putting on a bloody good show. I have to say it was one of the most amazing and surreal couple of weeks of my life. Talk about strolling down a wayward tangent of memory lane! :)

There are a couple of photos below. The rest of the photos of my trip to Tokyo can be seen
here , and the general photos of the 20th anniversary party of Mogambo can be seen here . Enjoy!  :)


The Big One!

Anyone who knows anything about this bar and its history knows that they will want to be there for this most special of gatherings.

As much as this will be the 20th birthday party for one of Roppongi's most infamous hedonistic institutions, this particular anniversary party is moreso about manifesting a global reunion of the Mogambo's 'diaspora'.

Old faces, old friends, old lovers, old stories ... basically ... an "old-skool" reunion. How are we all doin' now folks?

Mogambo's is as we all know, a time-tested, legendary and now pretty much iconic Roppongi Bar.

If you are one of those folks who understands the special people magic which has provided this bar its enduring popularity and longevity, then make an effort to shift yourself into the Mogambo's reality for a weekend to remember.

We will see you there!